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Services Description Work Plan and Budget Report Making Services (RKAB)

RKAB Report Preparation Services

 We provide work plan and budget (RKAB) reporting services. The RKAB is a process that needs to be carried out as a permit for the work plan and budget for the current year for mineral and coal mining business activities which include aspects of business, technical aspects, and environmental aspects. This RKAB certainly needs to be carefully prepared and planned. The RKAB is prepared to assist mining management in fulfilling the principles of accountability and transparency, however weaknesses in the preparation of the RKAB can also affect management credibility.

We, PT.Sampulu Adiijaya Prakarsa or SAP CONSULTING are experienced in arranging and preparing Licensing and Technical Reporting regarding mining business activities. We can partner with your company in preparing a Work Plan and Budget Report (RKAB) according to government regulations. SAP CONSULTING will assist you in making RKAB reports from upstream to downstream. Our team is a team of experts and professionals so they can make your company's RKAB report credible and transparent.
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