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Post Mining Plan Report Compilation Service (RPT)

 Post mining is a reporting activity regarding the use of ex-mining land, so that it is safe and still has an environmental function. Post mining needs to be carried out properly and correctly so that it is not discredited as a business that is only enjoyed during the activity and after completion it will be a disaster for the community and create an established or stable condition both physically and chemically.

We provide professional post-mining plan (RPT) reporting services at affordable costs. We are committed to being your company's partner in preparing a Post-Mining Plan Report (RPT) in accordance with the regulation No. 1827k / 30 / MEM / 2018 concerning Guidelines for the Implementation of Good Mining Engineering Principles. SAP CONSULTING will assist you in making RPT documents from public consultation sessions to the process of government approval. Our team is an expert and professional team so they can make your company RPT a good Post Mining Plan.

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