Exploration and Mining Planning

Exploration and Mining Planning Services

Exploration and Mining Planning Services

Mining Exploration and Planning Services Mining is an industrial sector that must comply with several aspects and regulations that have been determined, particularly by the central government. There are many kinds of due diligence that must be fulfilled, such as waste impact management, AMDAL,

Exploration and Mining Planning

Mining Exploration and Planning Services

  We provide exploration and planning services for mining activities according to official protocols and regulations from the government or regulatory authorities. We, SAP Consulting, have long experience and have pocketed a Mining Service Business License and have the capacity to carry out exploration. SAP Consulting exploration activities are carried out by a team of experts in the field of geology who have experience in the exploration of mining materials such as rock, coal, and minerals.

The team that is owned by SAP Consulting has a certificate of expertise in their field and experience which certainly supports activities in terms of helping clients direct mining and increasing profits. Some of the services in the Mining Exploration field:

1. Geological Mapping.

2. Exploration Drilling.

3. Geotechnical and Geophysical Drilling

4. Calculation of Estimated Reserves in Accordance with KCMI / SNI

5. Geophysical Logging

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