Survey and Mapping

Survey and Mapping Services

Survey and Mapping Services

Survey and Mapping Services  Some of the services we provide in terms of surveys and mapping, such as:1. Mapping and Topographic Survey2. Installation of boundary markers3. Construction Survey (Buildings, Skyscrapers, Roads, etc.)4. Hydrographic Survey (Water Mapping, Tide Analysis)5. Air

Survey and Mapping

Mining Survey and Mapping Services

 We, PT. Sampulu Adijaya Prakarsa or better known as SAP Consulting is supported by professional and experienced experts in their fields, especially in field surveys and mapping. We always provide the best service for every survey and mapping activity we do. The level of accuracy and speed of processing time is one of the ways we provide the best service to every client. Several large companies that use our services such as PT. Semen Indonesia, PT. Arutmin, PT. Timah Investasi Mineral and many other companies that already believe in the capabilities and capabilities of SAP Consulting in terms of confidence and mapping.

Our mapping service:

1. Mapping and Topographic Survey

2. Installation of boundary markers

3. Construction Survey (Buildings, Skyscrapers, Roads, etc.)

4. Hydrographic Survey (Water Mapping, Tide Analysis)

5. Air Mapping (Drone, Lidar, Sattelite Image Processing, Fix Wing Drone)

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